At Peak Solutions we agree that this relationship must be an honest, upfront collaboration in order to build a successful partnership with our clients.  
We state up-front what our time frame for the project is, as well as stating how often we will be checking in with clients to discuss our progress.  We
are reachable by email, phone or in-person and will establish the best method of contact for each client up front.

It is our commitment to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients.  It is our hope that we will gain the trust and endorsement of each
of our clients.  That is how we grow our business, by referrals from our clients.  

We also provide a guarantee for all work done by our firm.   If you are not satisfied with our work after 30 days of project completion, we will provide
you with a refund for services offered.
Our Partners
Melissa M. Barker, Partner

Melissa has over 20 years of experience in the human resources field.  
She started her career working in the human resources department for
a community college in New Mexico.  After receiving her Bachelor’s
Degree from the University of New Mexico, her career progressed
quickly. She worked for the State of New Mexico in the State Personnel
Office, the central regulatory human resource office for all state
government. Here she learned to conduct focus groups, create job
descriptions, process payroll, and provide expert advice to clients on
state and federal requirements.  

Melissa learned recruitment from a small recruiting firm in Chicago and
then honed it with a Fortune 500 firm in Phoenix .  Here she managed
teams of employees as well as launched a consulting program.  
Training was her next area of study where she learned training and
development strategies designed to engage the participant, not bore
them!  This learning was done with a firm in the gaming industry.

Melissa then decided to take this combined knowledge and put it to use
for other companies.  She has been a Human Resource consultant for
the last 5 years helping clients with projects their Human Resource
Department is too stretched to handle.
Lynne Weber, PHR, Partner

Lynne has 10 years of experience in the human resources field, the
majority of which has been in a start-up environment.  After spending
some years as a teacher, she began her career in human resources at
a small software company in Scottsdale where she established the
entire department from the ground up.  During this time she also
completed her MBA at Arizona State University with an emphasis in
Human Resources Management. From there she moved to the
construction industry. Putting to use her skills as a fluent Spanish
speaker, she spent her time handling payroll, benefits, worker’s
compensation and employee relations for over 700 employees.  

Lynne’s most recent experience was with an international manufacturer
whose North American headquarters were located in Scottsdale. In
charge of all Human Resources for North America, she managed the
human resources team whose responsibilities encompassed payroll,
benefits, compensation, employee relations, recruiting and training and
development. Through this wide range of responsibility, and her
education, she gained the necessary skills to be a strong strategic
partner and make significant impact in her role as part of the
management team. As a consultant Lynne provides businesses with
needed support in any area.
Our Consultants
Sarah E. Szanto, PHR, Consultant

Sarah has had a quick climb in her 10 years in the human resource
industry since obtaining her Bachelors degree in Human Resources
from Northern Arizona University.  Sarah started her career focusing on
benefits and the facilitation between insurance vendors and employees.
 She then moved on to handling employee relations, recruiting and
policy development for a laundry company.  This same company then
promoted her and tasked her with coordinating all benefits, conducting
training and new hire orientation classes and handling all FMLA
unemployment, EEOC and DOL claims.  

From there, she became a Regional HR Manager for a loan company.  
She met and exceeded recruitment and retention goals for the region,
handled all employee relations, advised management and worked with
operations to meet company goals.  Sarah has been providing her
combined knowledge to clients as a consultant the last couple years.
Our Business
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