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Peak Solutions, LLC is a Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) firm dedicated to
complementing your company’s current Human Resource Department or providing full-
service Human Resource assistance for smaller companies.  We understand that in order to
maintain your competitive advantage in today’s market, you need to focus your primary
resources on your core business.  By outsourcing some, if not all, of your Human Resource
needs, you can develop the most viable human capital and related outsourcing strategies.
HRO is becoming a mainstream tool for
organizations’ leaders to use when
addressing cost savings and process
improvements in their HR operations.  
A study done in 2007 by
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Global
Outsourcing called, Outsourcing
Comes of Age: The Rise of
Collaborative Partnering found that
success in today’s complex
outsourcing marketplace depends
primarily on a highly collaborative
client-service provider relationship.
Our firm provides an extensive variety of human resources outsourcing services including performance
management, employee manual development, compensation system creation, human resource audits,
job description creation, recruiting and training and development.  Our consulting services are offered
on-site, off-site or a combination that best fits your company’s needs.  We are able to offer these
services in Spanish as well as English.

Peak Solutions, LLC is committed to providing outstanding customer service to its clients and will
maintain regular communication during projects.  By agreeing to an update schedule prior to project
commencement, all parties are aware of progress throughout the entire process.   We will be there to
provide the expertise you need, based upon decades of experience.
What We Do
Why Utilize HRO?
Our Mission
What do our clients Say?
"Peak Solutions helped me bring the
vision of my new team to life by writing
accurate and descriptive outlines of
their job responsibilities and
comprehensive job descriptions. For
the first time I have a well-functioning
team and each member has a clear
understanding of their role and
                     - Krista C.